Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Titles: Rokugo family Founder

Rokugo was the head of a ronin bandit group that took possession of some Scorpion Clan holdings during their banishment, and founded the Rokugo family, vassals of the Bayushi when the Scorpion were reinstated as a Great Clan.

The Scorpion's exile Edit

In 1123, after the banishment of the Scorpion Clan, a group of bandits, led by Rokugo, took possession of most of the ancient Scorpion geisha houses, sake parlors and other enterprises very necessary to maintain a large informational network, which were located in the outlying villages of the Bayushi provinces. They found them good resources and, under the direction of Rokugo, they maintained and developed such enterprises, much like the Scorpion before them. The Imperial Magistrates didn't care much about the abandoned Scorpion provinces, which allowed Rokugo and his men to create an underground organization to produce great riches. [1]

Return of the Scorpion Edit

When the Scorpion Clan was reinstated after the Second Day of Thunder, they found Rokugo's men occupying their former homes. Rokugo was a clever man, and he didn't want to leave to the Scorpion what he and his men had gained with efforts. Knowing he couldn't face the Scorpion in battle, he made them an offer: he would keep everything he and his fellows had earned during the Scorpion's exile, but he would turn over to the Scorpion all financial records and information that the holdings had accumulated in their absence. In return, he expected fealty and the right to continue running the establishments they had taken over.[2]

The Bayushi were impressed by Rokugos's boldness. Many of their samurai had died in the Clan War, and Rokugo's band was an organized group of clever, resourceful ronin. They would also regain their holdings without bloodshed. The offer was so interesting that the Bayushi could not refuse. Rokugo had confronted the Bayushi and won, becoming more powerful joining the Scorpion Clan. He was granted a vassal family, the Rokugo, and built a small castle in the highlands near Kyuden Bayushi, which gives him relatively easy access to all of Scorpion territory. This castle, now known as Shiro Kuraishi, does not appear on any map.[3]

Aged Edit

Rokugo, in 1159 was an old man, who continued ruling his family and maintaining the "unofficial" businesses of the Bayushi family. He only dealt with his Bayushi lords, and had become a rich and powerful man. [3]

Preceded by:
Rokugo Daimyo
1128 - ?
Succeeded by:


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