Rokugan theology was the study of the religions of the Empire. The Empire recognized one religion, that had three types of temples, each with its own distinct philosophy and practices. [1]

Fortunism Edit

The original religion of Rokugan, prior to the fall of the Kami was the worship of the Fortunes (major entities representing important qualities). The fortunes include the Sun and Moon, the Seven Fortunes and various minor fortunes. These temples chose to place more emphasis on the Great Fortunes than on Shinsei's teachings. [1]

Although originally a gaijin religion imported by the Moto family, the cult of the Lords of Death became officially part of Fortunism. [2]

Tao of Shinsei Edit

After the Fall of the Kami and before the First Day of Thunder, Shinsei appeared in Rokugan and began teaching about the inner virtue of humanity. His teaching, the Tao of Shinsei, written down by the Kami Shiba have been declared compatible with Fortunism by the Emperor and is thus part of the official religions. The most occurring temples were the Taoist. [1]

Cult of the Ancestors Edit

Ancestors are venerated by all in Rokugan, beginning with the main ancestors of each of the Clans of Rokugan, the eight Kami. They were the less common temples, and were invariably maintained almost exclusively by retired samurai from a single clan. [3]


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