Robai no Oni was known as the 'Panic Devil' by the Crab. [1]

Appearance Edit

It looked much bigger from the front, like a twenty feet tall, with snarling teeth, serrated claws, and slippery tentacles. From behind it looked like a five foot animal, witha a vaguely fishy appearance. [1]

Abilities Edit

It was amphibious and fireproof, and appeared much more dangerous than it was. Robai was very good at scaring things toward a hidden monster. It was invulnerable to normal attacks, but it did not appear to be, and wounds were seen where it was struck by mundane weapons. It attacked with its tentacles, but if it got hit by something truly could hurt the oni, it immediately fled. [2]

Opium War Edit

In 1122 a Robai no Oni was summoned by Soshi Seiryoku, leader of the opium Soshi cartel, and sent it to a fight between the other two cartels, the Bayushi and Shosuro cartels. After the fight the oni fled and terrorized Ryoko Owari Toshi for a week until it was cut down. [3]

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