Roaring Thunder Village laid on the edge of the Hundred Stances Plain, six hours' walk away from the Dojo of a Hundred Stances and its nearest human settlement. Nearly all students and guests traveled through it before visiting the Dojo. The village under Seppun supervision comprised about a hundred sturdy buildings to withstand the storms which came out of the plains. The town's community of eta lived within the confines of the small forest nearby. A stream flowed through the forest and watered the rice paddies before meandering into the plains. [1]

Monastery Edit

A monastery of the Order of Thunder was located on the edge of town adjacent to the plains. Their initiation rites involved frequent trips across the plains, to commune with Osano-Wo, the Fortune of Thunder. Abandoned and orphaned children from the village were sent to the monastery. [2]

Notable Locations Edit

Known Headman Edit


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