River of the Sky

River of the Sky

The Holy River, was born within the walls of the Asp city of Siksa, [1] flowing from south to north, nearly the entire length of the Shinomen Forest, [2] weaving through the forest in great, wide trails. In some places, it vanished below the ground, only to reappear several miles later. [3]

Blessed Edit

The Lord Vedic of the Bright Eye blessed the river with an enchantment that would keep its waters pure. The river shone with a gleam unlike any other in the Emerald Empire. [4]

Shahadet's Legion Edit

During the Bloodland Wars the Shahismael was captured beside the river. Each year the Shahadet and his personal legion bathered at the source of the Holy River to commune with the warriors of the past. Whenever a new Asp was inducted into Shahadet's Legion, he was bathed in the river by his comrades, who told him of his faults, and how to overcome them. [1]

Waterfall Edit

In the north of the forest the river cascaded over a series of rocks and down into a clear pond. The Unicorn scouts who first saw it called the river the River of the Sky, and the fall was known as the Waterfall of Shinsei. [4]


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