The Ritual of Abdication was performed shortly after the coronation of a Hantei Emperor keeping the line of succession clear. [1]

Participants Edit

After an Emperor died or if an aged Emperor retired becoming a monk of Shinsei a new Emperor was proclaimed. The elder son became the new Emperor, and his wife and children also used the Imperial surname. Any other children of the retired or late Emperor must undergo the Ritual of Abdication. Those who were of the Imperial lineage but did not become Emperor might choose to join either the Otomo or Seppun families, changing their surname to that of their new house. [1]

Renounce to the Abdication Edit

If for any reason no direct heir was found, the Hantei line passed to brothers of the late Emperor, renounced their Abdication, and took back the Hantei family name. If neccessary, the Imperial line had been traced through the Otomo line, to the closest blood kin of the ruling Hantei. [1]


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