Please note: This article is about the revolutioneer student of Kokujin Akae. For other uses of the term, please see Riko (disambiguation).

Riko was a peasant who became the student of Kokujin Akae, follower of the late disciple of the Prophet of the Dark Lotus, Kokujin.

Akae's studentEdit

Akae lived on the road ever since the death of Kokujin in 1169, and she did not followed the tainted members of the Spider Clan after the end of the Destroyer War in the Spider's exodus to the Colonies. Riko became Akae's favored student and she was taught during years. Riko learned the points on the body where she could disrupt the flow of chi, and practiced killing techniques with people they met in their journey. [1]

Revolutioneer Edit

Akae followed the path of her master, to teach the weak and use them as expendables. When she would do it again in a Lion village not far from the Dragon border, Riko retorted. She told many farmers would die, but the samurai would live. The peasant told the lower caste could be tought in several generations, but Akae sought bloodshed in shorter terms, urged by the taint. Riko killed her master to follow her own path to revolution. [1]


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