Riddle of Rebirth

Riddle of Rebirth

Riddles directed the Elements through a body, thus changing the target in some way, which made it use very, very dangerous. [1]

Riddles after the Reexamination of Henshin Philosophy Edit

The henshin studied the nature of the kami as they progressed upon the Path of Man in an effort to find their own unique brand of enlightenment. Where the henshin once attempted to "trick" the kami into acting in a way of their choosing, they later had a better understanding of the kami and did not need to deceive them. However, the kami still enjoyed the wit of their mortal companions, so henshin masters are taught how to spin a riddle to impress and amuse the kami. [2]

Riddles Edit

  • Riddle of Earth: The Henshin directed the Earth to make his body more resilient to be wounded, or to heal another target.
  • Riddle of Water: The Henshin directed the water to sense what was flowing in the are nearby, increasing his perception.
  • Riddle of Fire: The Henshin directed the Fire to draw in his power when locked in Hand to Hand combat.
  • Riddle of Air: The Henshin directed the Air to conduct himself properly in social interactions and to see the truth on other's words.
  • Riddle of Rebirth: The Henshin directed the Void to find the previous reincarnations of his own soul. [3]
  • Riddle of Fate: The Henshin Master had finally achieved the last step he would take on the Path of Man and he was forevermore treated as a Celestial being than a human. [4]
  • Riddle of the Void: It taught the final lessons, the harmony with the element of the Void. [5]


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