The Revenant was the flagship of the gaijin Garen Hawthorne's fleet. It was the ship he commanded during the Battle of White Stag in 442. [1]

Corrupted Edit

When Garen and his crew became corrupted in the Sea of Shadows so did the Revenant. The ship became a living, malicious beign. The same fate befell her sister ship, the Eternal. [1]

Fighting the Mantis Edit

In 897 the Revenantand the Eternal destroyed a Mantis fleet which was aiding the Crab in the corrupted seas near Crab shores. [2]

Fall of Otosan Uchi Edit

In 1159 Garen sailed the Revenant into Golden Sun Bay during Daigotsu's attack on Otosan Uchi. While causing damage, it was ultimately sunk by the Mantis and Tortoise Clan's. However, when the Shadow Dragon resurrected Garen he raised the ship as it was before it became tainted, for Garen to command while in service to him. [3] [4]


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