Rest, My Brother

Rest, My Brother

Rest, My Brother was a Mastery 5 atemi martial earth kiho [1] that was developed over decades of rigorous study by a retired Kuni shugenja. The Kuni was once a tsukai-sagasu, and the powerful kiho was created as a way of purging the Taint. The kiho strikken at certain nerve centers of the targets body in such a way that the natural purity inherit in all bodies drove out the influence of the taint. This caused terrible pain to any tainted person, and could result in a lessening of the amount of taint they had. The strike however did more damage than usual, and the target was lucky if they survive. The strike would not work on the same person more than once a week. The strike did not work on any creature native to the Shadowlands, as there was no imbalance to correct. [2] [3]

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