Resplendent Crane Yarijutsu was one of the minor martial arts developed by the Daidoji, who favored the yari as a weapon.

Origins Edit

At the Emperor's Winter Court in the late 6th century an Ikoma Courtier tricked the brash Daidoji Daimyo into entering a tournament for the Emperor's favor. The Lion claimed a display of courtly dance, so the Daidoji performed a series of kata with his yari. When the Emperor demanded to know the name of the art, the Crane impulsively answered "Resplendent Crane Yarijutsu". [1]

Style and Purpose Edit

Resplendent Crane Yarijutsu was a graceful style, to present the yari as an impenetable defense as well as swift attack. The art was intended to fortify pikeman in the defense of the Crane Clan. [1]

Training Edit

Students spent hours moving through complex kata, spinning the yari through defensive arcs or performing aggressive thrusts and parries. Demonstrations of Resplendent Crane Yarijutsu as an artful dance were a popular attraction in the courts. [2]

  • A novice began to learn to use the yari as both an offensive and defensive weapon.
  • An advanced student learned to use his weapon to best advantage, attacking enemies boch at range and in close combat.
  • The master could draw upon the lull potential of the yari for power, accuracy, or defense.

Known Advanced Maneuvers Edit


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