Perhaps ironically named, Remote Village was noted as such on the first Imperial Cartographer's report after its founding, and the denizens there had been unable to come up with anything more appropriate. [1]

Destroyer War Edit

Remote Village was overrun in 1173 by Kali-Ma's forces during the Destroyer War. The Black Scroll that contained parts of her essence was not in the village and so the attackers didn't bother with a search. During the battle, Shosuro Nishu could escape from a minion of Kali-Ma's, after his cousin sacrificed himself. Based on the creature's description, it could have been a jinn. [2]

Razed to the ground Edit

After the end of the war the village was visited by the Scorpion Clan Champion Bayushi Miyako in 1174. There he appointed as the new Shosuro Daimyo to Shosuro Aroru, and her first order was to destroy all the remains of the village. Miyako did not risk any kind of contamination with the mysterious creature Nishu saw. [3]


Sources Conflict
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Kotei location has it listed as "Remove", although the official fiction later corrects this to "Remote" Village

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