Please note: This article is about the vassal family of the Otomo family. For other uses of the term, please see Reju (disambiguation).
Reju family
Patron family: Otomo family
Clan: Imperial Families
Founded: Unknown
Daimyo: Unknown

The Reju family was a vassal family of the Otomo family, one of the Imperial Families. They were named for Otomo Reju, a loyal courtier who nevertheless became one of the original Gozoku during the reign of Hantei Fujiwa. [1]

Foundation Edit

In order to preserve Reju's positive accomplishments while isolating his negative reputation from the rest of the Otomo family, the Otomo Daimyo arranged for Reju and his bloodline to be made a vassal family. [2]

Duty Edit

The Reju family was dedicated to administer the education of the Imperial Families. [1]


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