The Rejn Tribe were the largest tribe of Zokujin on the surface of Rokugan.

Slavery Edit

They were, on the whole, enslaved by the Lion Clan. They labored in mines and performed other dangerous activities too risky for even eta to be wasted upon. [1] They escaped and got their freedom in Dragon lands, who became their allies. [2]

Dragon Edit

The Rejn made Maigo no Samurai Mura their home, the same that had entered into an alliance with Tamori Shaitung in the mountains to the south. The peasants of Lost Samurai Village initially were not particularly pleased with their current arrangement, but the Tamori's insistence on maintaining positive interaction superceded their personal desires. The zokujin dug the Rejn Caverns underneath beneath the village. [2]

Known Rejn Edit


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