Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown

Reikado was a ronin descendant of Isawa Chuda who became the nemesis of Chuda Tenkazu. [1]

Jadoku Edit

The Daisho of the now-defunct Snake Clan comprised Jadoku, the Ancestral Sword, and its Wakizashi. Reikado was the keeper of the wakizashi. Tenkazu wished to reunite the daisho, so framed Reikado and stole it. Tenkazu came to the Falcon lands and enacted a ritual that would summon the evil spirits of the lost Snake samurai, eagered to possess mortal hosts. Reikado and a band of magistrates arrived and disrupted the ritual. Tenkazu was supposed death after the battle. [2]

Chasing Edit

Reikado lost Tenkazu's trail for nearly two decades but eventually he found him as Asako Tenkazu and killed the bloodspeaker. [3]

Yojimbo Edit

Reikado became the yojimbo to an Isawa Shugenja. [4]

Chuda Mishime Edit

In 1159 within the Isawa lands Reikado met Asako Mishime, son of Tenkazu, while the Maho-tsukai tried to steal Mukizo, the blade used to kill the Steel Chrysanthemum. Mishime was able to divert Reikado and fled with the katana. [3]

Utawaga Edit

Reikado met the Phoenix Utagawa and took a liking to her, eventually confided that he was a member of the lost Chuda bloodline. Reikado was driven to avenge his family against Chuda Mishime, who he had hunted for years. In time, the elderly Reikado died. He gave Utagawa his exquisite wakizashi, the heirloom of the Snake Clan, and she forged a matching katana. Then she became a ronin and dedicated her life to bringing Mishime to justice. [4]


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