Born: Unknown 
Died: 1122 
Parents: Damasu Kojima

Matsu Reika of House Damasu was the last member of the defunct Damasu family. After it she was a geisha known as Reika.

Defunct family Edit

Reika's father, the Damasu Daimyo Damasu Kojima, died in battle against the forces of the ruthless Tsume Daimyo Tsume Retsu. The victor ordered all the samurai loyal to the Damasu to commit seppuku, and killed the two Damasu children who had survived. [1]

Geisha Edit

Reika was sold to the Pine House run by Kumiko, to become a geisha. [2] When Reika grew a ronin samurai called Itto explained her who were her true ancestors, and became her loyal guardian. During twenty years at Chikuzen Reika and Itto kept the secret for their own. [3] The Ancestral Sword of the Damasu returned to its true owners. [2]

Revenge Edit

Reika began a relationship with Tsume Takashi, Retsu's son and his heir. [4] He fell in love, and Reika used him to gain access to his father and murdered him. Before Retsu was stabbed in the heart Reika told her true ancestry to her family's killer [2] in 1122. Her plot was discovered by a group of magistrates, [5] who quickly brought her to justice. [6]

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