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Reihaido Uikku

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Reihaido Uikku

Uikku Shrine (P13)

The Uikku Shrine (P13) was an ancient shrine built in honor of the prophet Uikku [1] whose interpretations and prophecies regarding the Tao of Shinsei had been studied for centuries. The entire area around the shrine, including the large plain, Heigen Yogensha, surrounding it were considered sacred. [2]

Location Edit

The Shrine of Uikku was located in the Yogen province [3] on a great plain in the western Phoenix lands. No major roads connected the holy site to the rest of the Empire, and pilgrims must walk, as the rocky ground was dangerous to horses. [4]

The Defenders of Uikku Edit

A group known as the Defenders of Uikku once tried to prevent the Dooms Uikku prophesied, [5] but eventually returned to Uikku Shrine with a handful of Asako Henshin after most of the defenders had died on the Day of Thunder. A new prophet appeared, known only by the name Rei, which was given to her by the monks of the shrine who found her. Her prophecies, like the later prophecies of Uikku, spoke of a dark time when Fu Leng had been triumphant and come to conquer all of Rokugan. Her prophecies were kept at this shrine as well. [6]


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