Please note: This article is about the famous shrine built to honor Shinsei's crow. For other uses of the term, please see Shrine to Shinsei (disambiguation).
Shinsei's Shrine

Reihado Shinsei

The Shrine of Shinsei was the most famous of all shrines in Rokugan. The exact location was uncertain and seemed to change from one era to another. [1]

Name Edit

Shinsei's Shrine 2

Shinsei's Shrine

The Crow Shrine (A13) was a shrine dedicated to the animal most associated with Shinsei, the Crow. When Shinsei and the Seven Thunders needed a scout when they entered the Shadowlands the crow, a bird with a white chest and beautiful colored wings volunteered. Even though the crow survived the journey it was forever blackened by the powerful forces that passed between the Thunders and Fu Leng. Since then crows had been regarded as birds of omen, ever watchful of troubles ahead. [2]

Finding the Shrine Edit

Reihaido Shinsei 2

Reihaido Shinsei (A13), in the 12th century

Only those who were pure of heart and true devotion could find Shinsei's Shrine. It was said that those who did find the shrine learn Shinsei's greatest secrets from the Kenku. [2]

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Reihaido Shinsei

Reihado Shinsei


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