Red Hunger

Red Hunger

The Red Hunger were bashe which appeared at Rokugan in 1172. These monsters usually roamed the Ivory Kingdoms, but after this area was depopulated its spawns spread beyond there. [1]

Appearance Edit

This kind of serpent was of truly epic proportions, [2] and they even swallowed elephants. They were known to lair in the Unknown Lands. [3]

Origin Edit

The origins of the Red Hunger were explained in a text recovered from a tomb found near the ruins of the Ivory Palace. The Red Hunger was once an inhabitant of the divine realm, a greedy, deceitful scavenger that constantly burned from an internal hunger it could never quench, eventually turning red in color. When the mortal world was born, the snake slipped away into the new world in search of easier prey. The gods eventually gave their followers the tools needed to defeat and imprison the beast, which only escaped a handful of times. [4]

Released Edit

It was not until the Kingdoms were destroyed that it gained true freedom. [4] The Mantis Clan hunted the creature to eliminate the threat. [5]

Red Hunger's Fang Edit

During the Age of Conquest the Rokugani Kaiu Nakano found a dead elephant beside a gigantic venomous fang of [2] a Red Hunger, in a place which would be known as Kempy's Hunting Trophy. [6] Nakano crafted a weapon with the fang, and placed it within a Crab armory in the Second City. The item was sought by the Dark Naga during their assault of the Second City. [7]

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