Razing of Shiro Sano Kakita
Location: Kakita Castle
Date: Month of the Hare of 1127 [1]
Major Forces: Crane Clan, Phoenix Clan, Crab Clan, Toturi's Army, Shadowlands
Generals: Hida Sukune, Daidoji Uji, False Hoturi, Shinjo Yasamura
Battles of Rokugan

Fall of Kyuden Kakita was the sack of Kakita Castle by a Crab army led by Hida Sukune.

Seeking Aid Edit

Doji Hoturi was noticed of an incoming Crab army, and he and Kakita Toshimoko went to Otosan Uchi to ask Emperor's intervention. [2] There was no Imperial answer.

False Hoturi Edit

An army of Shadowlands Madmen led by the False Hoturi went against Kakita Castle weaking its defence. [3]

Sacked Edit

The advancing Crab army led by Hida Sukune defeated a combined garrison of Crane and Phoenix [2] and Hida Tsuru's forces burned the oldest Crane castle to the ground. [4] despite the cunning efforts of Daidoji Uji [1] and his Phoenix allies. [5]

Bolstered Edit

Only the sudden arrival of a rogue army, led by the ronin Toturi forced Sukune to retreat back to Beiden Pass, [3] chased by Shinjo Yasamura's cavalry. [6] The surviving Crane were bolstered with the men of Shiba Tsukune. [1]

"The Phoenix and Crane numbered only in the dozens, so Daidoji Uji relied on position rather than brute force. [5] The Crab army descended on the Phoenix and Crane, smashing into their ranks with brutal abandon and deadly precision. [7] Armed with spears, the Crab forces negated the higher ground of the armies protecting Castle Kakita. [8] While the infantry was engaged, the cavalry moved to the south, burning homes and farms as they went. [9] And as all seemed lost, Shinjo Yasamura's cavalry rode in from the North, forcing the Crab army to retreat to Beiden Pass." [6]
-The Battle for Kakita Castle


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