Ratling Thief

Ratling Thief

Ratling Thief was a great thief among the Grasping Paw Tribe.

Knwon Thief Edit

He was known for his ability to go anywhere and take anything. He crafted trinkets from bones stolen from the lairs of the most dangerous oni. He wore shiny metal objects taken from the homes of Crab peasants far to the north. He even took things from other tribes that might benefit the Grasping Paw. Though his chieftain scolded him for causing trouble with the other tribes, he was never cast out, because the elders knew he could never be caught.

Name Stolen Edit

Unfortunately, the day came when this thief developed a yearning for the wooden staff carried by a powerful Tattered Ear shaman. The shaman's magic was too powerful even for such a clever thief. The shaman awoke and was unhappy. The thief fled into the night, but not before the shaman used magic to steal his name forever.

The thief returned to the Grasping Paw to find that no one remembered him. To his horror, he discovered only he could remember his own name. Only he remembered that he was the greatest thief that ever lived. His tribe sensed the curse that surrounded him and cast him out, but he knew that if he could only show them what he could do, they would remember him.

For ten years, the thief lived a meager existence on the edge of Grasping Paw society. He stole greater and more incredible treasures, leaving them all for his former tribemates to find. Sometimes, when he was slinking into the most dangerous places late at night, with only the moon's light to guide him, he wondered if his name was so important to take such risks.

Death Edit

In the end, when he died, even he did not remember what his name was.

Legion of the Dead Edit

Tales of the Ratling Thief had grown quite popular among the Grasping Paw, causing him to be remembered with strong fondness despite the fact he had no name. When in 1166 the Transcendent combined their power to create a spirit of Tchickchuk to join the Legion of the Dead, the dream that was once the Ratling Thief was nearby. He saw great potential for adventure in the quest they gave Tchickchuk, adventure that could perhaps increase his own legend and insure he was remembered forever. So clever a thief he was that he escaped the Realm of Dream and followed Tchickchuk.


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