Ranpo Temple was devoted to Bishamon, the Fortune of Stength.

Abandoned Edit

The temple was built during the Dawn of the Empire in the ancestral lands of the Kuni, which were later known as the Kuni Wastes, after the The Maw's army seized these lands in 716. [1]

Retaken Edit

In 793 descendants of the original Crab who served the temple assaulted and murdered the minions of Fu Leng there. They found the temple had not been tainted, blessed by Bishamon himself. A Shito Dama appeared there to test their honor, and only one of the group was overcome and fled in fear. [2]

Guardian Edit

They spent several days guarding the temple, suffering recurrent nightmares during the nights. They eventually realized one of their ancestors, Kuni Hakirei, had been died there in a dishonorable way, and reincarnated in a jikiniki, a corpse-eating goblins. The Kuni left the temple, which would remain pure and guarded by the creature. [3]

Known Head Priests Edit


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