Ramontet was a Senpet Strategist. He became a member of the Jackal in secret.

Senpet Edit

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Ramontet became the trusted military advisor of the Pharaoh Hensatti. She could not act without his advice. [1]

The Jewel Edit

In 1130 Hensatti made an alliance with the Immortal Caliph of Medinat al-Salaam. She sent several of her best men there as representatives, including the general Abresax, Kepsat, and Hekau. [2]

Jackal Edit

The Jackal sought to undermine the Senpet power, and recruited Ramontet to join them. It was not known why he did it. [3]

Awakening Edit

In 1132 Ramontet disappeared from his post with some of the Senpet Empire's heirlooms. Months later he resurfaced as a general of the Jackals and fought against the Senpet guards at Medinaat al-Salaam. [4]

Ramontet's fate Edit

The Jackals were crushed by the Celestial Alliance after the Awakening, followed by persecution from the Ebonites afterward, and they fell into a deep and extended period of decline. [5] It was not known what happened with Ramontet.

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