The Ralish was a young naga shugenja who was born sometime during or right after the Clan War. He was able to draw upon the power of the forests. [1]

Morikage Toshi Edit

In 1132 he journeyed alongside Isha, Malekish and Balash to Morikage Toshi in search of Hoshi, to protect him until his fate could come. [2] They fought the minions of the Nothing, and when Malekish sensed Otaku Kamoko, Isha commanded Balash to bring her. Isha believed she could rescue the kidnapped Emperor Toturi I, and could help the Naga to tell him about the Foul. The Akasha also sensed Kamoko to be tainted, but it was strange almost separate from her own soul, as if another mind hid within her own. The Akasha sensed Kyoso no Oni's soul within the body of Kamoko. [3]

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