Rakshasa General 
Rakshasa General 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1173, month of the Goat

The Rakshasa General was an unnamed Rakshasa who led the armies of Kali-Ma against Rokugan during the Destroyer War. [1]

Advisors Edit

Its two chief advisors were the Yodotai Legulus and the Senpet Kheth-tet. [1] Their resentment was mutual and produced a useful emulation. [2]

Feud with the Crab Edit

The Rakshasa led most of the early attacks on the Crab Clan, and was grievously wounded on at least one occasion. In 1171 during a personal combat with the Crab Clan Champion Hida Kuon it was wounded following the intervention of Kaiu Taru who sacrificed himself to allow Kuon to survive. Taru exploded a cache of jade and gunpowder right beneath himself and the Rakshasa. [1]

Seeking Rokugani records on Rakshasa Edit

Kheth-tet was entrusted to search for information about Raniyah, another Rakshasa. In 1172 he failed in this mission but managed to find information about Adisabah in the ruins of Shiro Kuni. [2]

God-Beast unleashed Edit

The majority of the Crab lands were under the Destroyers control, and the pace had diminished in the Scorpion lands in order to set the majority of the human vassals to the Black Scroll search. Kali-Ma was enraged with the resistance the Empire showed to her advance and unleashed her God-Beast. [2]

Enmity with Benjiro Edit

During a fight the Crab used ballista, and the toll exacted to the Destroyers was high. The Rakshasa entered in the fray and destroyed several siege engines. The Crab Rikugunshokan Hida Benjiro confronted him, knowing the nature of the rakshasa. They fought in personal combat which ended with Benjiro grievously wounded, but the Rakshasa was wounded for first time in centuries when Benjiro wielded an ivory dagger. Both fled the field but a Blood Feud between them began. [3]

Death Edit

In the month of the Goat of 1173 [4] Benjiro was tracked down, his men killed or subdued in the battlefield, and the rakshasa confronted him in personal combat again. Despite the Crab wounded him with the ivory dagger, the rakshasa defeated Benjiro, gripping his throat with his claws. suddenly the Rakshasa's forces were slaughtered by a rain of arrows, and ivory-tipped arrows bore down upon the rakshasa general. Benjiro had prepared a trap and it was sprung. Iuchi Katamari, the Doomseeker killer of immortals, appeared to perform the rituals of his order that would bound the rakshasa and began stripping its immortal essence from its flesh. The rakshasa's screams carried all across the plains for many hours and died. [5]


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