Rakshasa (Jigoku Champion) 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Titles: Champion of Jigoku

Rakshasa was a Tiger-like shapeshifting demon and the selected Champion of Jigoku, according to a myth of the Ogre race that was recited to Hida Benjiro by a dying ogre.

The Champion of Evil Edit

One version of this myth, called by the ogre who told it "the verses of the Kjornid, the ancient tale of Muhonarak, sire of the Mikata, the First and True Ogres, and his son Muhomono, Prince of the World, The Prince of Tears, forever weeping in death for his lost children", [1] an army of demons and undead invaded Rokugan before the Empire existed from the place later known as Ivory Kingdoms, led by Rakshasa. They decimated the Troll race. After three days of fighting, he was defeated by the Original Ogre and Champion of Ningen-do Muhonarak, who was seriously wounded in the process. [1]

This ancient myth offered a possible explanation as to why Fu Leng was removed from Jigoku in the late twelfth century. Because there had been other champions prior to him and there would be other champions after him.


Preceded by:
Champion of Jigoku
Succeeded by:

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