Death of the Ki-Rin

Death of the Ki-rin

The Rain of Blood was a terrible ritual enacted in 1165 by Iuchiban in the City of the Lost, and it had been uncovered years ago by Jama Suru.

Last Ki-Rin's sacrifice Edit

The ritual would require the blood of true legends who failed miserably, a Maho-tsukai of incredible power and the Ki-rin. [1] The sacrifice evoked the Rain of Blood, the single most powerful magical event ever to take place in Rokugan. [2]

Ki-rin Edit

Yajinden and Mohai went to the northern mountains, where the last Ki-rin dwelled, and returned to the City of the Lost with it. [1]

Maho-tsukai Edit

Iuchiban himself would enact the ritual. He was a bloodspeaker who became an immortal heartless khadi, and who defied humans and gods with his power. [1]

Failed true legends Edit

The Seven Thunders of the Second Day of Thunder were the true heroes that failed miserably. Fu Leng, the monster they fought so valiantly, was destroying and roaming the Spirit Realms once more during the assault of the Celestial Heavens. The blood of the Thunders had been collected by Jama Suru for many decades:

Rain of Blood Edit

Iuchiban enacted the ritual sacrificing the last Ki-Rin. He and his followers used all of the unicorn's life force to unleash a terrible storm across all of Rokugan. The clouds churned and spilled forth a rain of blood [1] that corrupted the weak; those who were consumed by fear, desire, or regret were unable to resist the call and fell to the power of corruption, becoming willing allies of the Bloodspeakers. [10]

Affected Edit

The Lion Clan and Mantis Clan were hit particularly hard by this disaster, as the Lion armies were marching to the City of the Rich Frog and the Mantis were unprotected on the seas. [citation needed] The Crane lands were hit particularly hard. [11] The Phoenix knew in advance of the Rain and coordinated a serie of rituals that protected their lands. Only the City of Remembrance was affected after a tainted Yoritomo Kitao and his corrupted crew killed the Phoenix defenders. [12] The Crab burned the bodies of those who died upon the Kaiu Wall at the hands of their brothers. [13] Even the Imperial City, Toshi Ranbo, was affected. [14] The nezumi would not become tainted, and they did not notice the Rain. [15] The Rain of Blood took a terrible toll on the Dragon. The strongest Dragon samurai did not fall to the Rain and the mystic order of ise zumi appeared to be entirely immune. [16] As a result, the Emperor commanded the Dragon armies to restore order to the Empire, granting them permission to move throughout the Empire. [17]

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