The Kingdom of Radia was located in the Northern coasts of the continent. In the south lived the peaceful human tribe of the Hanif. [1]

Yodotai invasion Edit

The Hanif tribe disappeared and instead a expansionistic Yodotai people replaced them. In the year 60, a mighty Yodotai army attacked the Radia in what they called 'the Great Crusade.' Even though its King Gradiel fought bravely, his forces withdrew to the coastal city of Akkanon. [1]

Repelled Edit

In 102 during the Battle That Must Not Be Forgotten, Gradiel shattered the sword of the Yodotai Warlord, Octavius, who in turn killed the King by piercing him with his spear Spiritforge. Conquest, the spirit of a dead God and the Yodotai Deity of War, appeared to warn his people, but it was too late for them. A tsunami struk the coast, killing many of the Yodotai, including Octavius. The remnants of the Yodotai army left the place. [2]

Annexation Edit

The ceased hostilities lasted near eight decades, but in 180 the Yodotai led by Quintus, grandson of Octavius, resumed the invasion. They took every Radia city but Akkanon. Instead an assault Quintus bribed the Radia general, who surrended the city and took the title of governor of the Radia territory. The free Kingdom of Radia came to an end. [2]


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