The Race Against Tomorrow began after the Terrible Day, and ended in the Battle of Tomorrow, when nearly the entire Nezumi race ceased to exist.

Beginning: Terrible Day Edit

The Nezumi golden era known as Before Time finished when Fu Leng fell from the sky and crushed their capital. The demons from Jigoku made dust their empire and the Nezumi learned the only way to survive was to run. [1]

Lean Times Edit

Creatures of the Shadowlands hunted the nezumi because they could not be tainted, thus Jigoku's minions bore a deep and bitter hatred for the Nezumi. The humans banded under the Kami and chased the Nezumi as dangerous vermin. Unable to survive in large groups, the Nezumi split into smaller family packs under different Chieftains, and most of the major independent Nezumi tribes tribes were born. The Rememberers called this period the Long Lean Time. [1]

Living in the Shadowlands Edit

Humans avoided to enter the Shadowlands, so it was seen as the safer place for the Nezumi race to survive. The Taint did not touch them, they could run, and they could hide, living as scavengers and parasites, surviving off the refuse of oni and humans. [1]

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The Restoration of the One Tribe Edit

In the 12th century the leaders of most of the major Nezumi tribes came together to create a new One Tribe under the leadership of Kan'ok'ticheck. [2]

Facing Tomorrow Edit

In 1169 the Nezumi race gathered and Nezumi Shamans moved them to Yume-do, to face Tomorrow, which was threatening the nezumi Transcendents. They won the Battle of Tomorrow, but a terrible cos. The link to return to Ningen-do was severed, and the Nezumi were trapped in the Realm of Dreams. Though their consciousness lived on deep in Yume-do, their bodies withered and died in the mortal realm. [3] A new era began for the Nezumi, the After Time, [4] and its first day was known as the Day After Tomorrow. [5]


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