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Ra'Shari Mystics

Ra'Shari Mystics

Ra'Shari Diviner , or Bone-Readers, learned three kinds of magic, Dawn Magic, Dusk Magic, and Night Magic. The specific powers of the Diviners were referred to as Cokaloi, or "Bones" in their language, because of the deep, fundamental need for each of the three types of magic. Without them, the Ra'Shari would be as a man without bones. [1] They were part of the Great Caravan of Mysticism, and many of them were marked by the cool disinterest they showed regardless of what might be going on around them. Its founder was Baltazar. [2]

4th Avatar Edit

In the 11th century the Bone-Readers predicted a woman would be born in the next generation of Rokugan's children to become a Bahiya, the 4th avatar. The sent an expedition guided by the Ashalan Nashaar to retrieve her, without success. [3]

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