Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Parents: Marius 
Titles: Yodotai Emperor,
Yodotai Warlord

Quintus was the second Yodotai Emperor and Warlord of the Yodotai Empire. He edicted the Second Great Crusade.


Quintus was the son of the first Emperor, Marius, and granson of the first Warlord, Octavius. [1]

Annexation of Radia Edit

The Kingdom of Radia had defeated the Yodotai in the Battle That Must Not Be Forgotten, when a tsunami sent by the Mighty and Merciless Sea destroyed the Yodotai army and killed his grandfather. The ceased hostilities lasted near eight decades, but in 180 Quintus led the Yodotai and resumed the invasion. They took every Radia city but Akkanon, the city coast where they were defeated during the First Great Crusade. Instead an assault Quintus bribed the Radia general, who surrended the city in exchange for the title of governor of the Radia territory. The free Kingdom of Radia came to an end. [1]

Warlord Edit

In the year 200 Quintus took the Yodotai Warlord title enacting the Second Great Crusade. The Yodotai armies moved toward the civilizations their scouts found. Since him the title of Emperor had been vacant. [1]

Legacy Edit

It was the beginning of the centuries of neverending conquests, with the Emperor leading the Yodotai armies, whitout set foot in his homeland. They annexed nation by nation, joining them into the own Yodotai culture and religion. Many kingdoms were conquered and their names lost to the history. [1]

After Life Edit

In 1160 the Yodotai Warlord Aurelian called forth the spirit of the all previous Warlords to his side during the final assault into the Senpet capitol. [2]

Preceded by:
Yodotai Emperor
(c. 180) - 200
Succeeded by:
Preceded by:
Yodotai Warlord
200 - ?
Succeeded by:


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