Quiet Stone Monastery

Quiet Stone Monastery

The Quiet Stone was a monastery built around a great stone outcropping near the southern edge of the Dragon Heart Plain. It was the last bastion of civilization before the empty plains toward the northern mountains that marked Rokugan's border.

Shinsei Edit

It was beginning when Shinsei still walked Rokugan, and he spent some time there making new followers.

First Enlightened Edit

In 42 a young monk called Tsumiko mastered the Void and became the first Enlightened. It became one of the finest monasteries in Rokugan. It was the progenitor of the philosophy of the void.

Rosoku Edit

Around 1165 a descendant of the Little Prophet, Rosoku, after he issued the Challenges of Enlightenment, visited the monastery and gave the abbot Sojuni a scroll that contained the secrets of Void. Sojuni had to give it to guard it until the man who deserved it reclaimed the scroll.

Known Abbots Edit


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