Qer Apet 
Qer Apet 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Titles: Keeper of the Chronicle

Qer Apet was the Senpet Berserker [1] commander of the Medinaat al-Salaam's city guard, [2] He became the Bearer of the Jidan and Keeper of the Chronicle. [3]

Hekau Edit

Qer Apet believed that Hekau convictions would only get the sahir killed. [2]

City Guard Edit

Qer Aper and his guard maintained the order at the city. He detained the Janan Twins when the sisters were fighting against a khadi in the Ghassan's gambling house, [2] and Hekau, a Senpet renegade. [4]

Story to complete Edit

Ruby Edit

Qer Apet's forgetting

Qer Apet's forgetting

Qer Apet became the holder of the Harik's Ruby. From behind an old woman cast the spell Forget, and when she left, the immense ruby was there. Qer Apet would remind to complete the story. [5] The woman was most probably a Ra'Shari.

Keeping the Chronicle Edit

In 1132 after the dead the former Keeper, the Living Memory, Qer Apet became the new Keeper of the Chronicle. [3]

Jidan Edit

The Jidan whispered to Qer Apet during his dreams, teaching him what had happened since the beginning of known time. Part of the history Qer Apet told to Pashal, a squire Ebonite friend of him. [3]

Awakening Edit

This year an ancient prophecy, the Awakening, had been fulfilled, and it fuelled a serie of evenements at the Jewel. The Sultan and the Caliph Hanan Talibah had been died, the Houses of Dahab had embargoed the city and the population suffered starvation and was revolting everywhere. Nepherus, the Senpet ambassador, and Adira, Old Man of the Mountain's adopted daughter, were trying to end the riots. [6]

City of Bronze Edit

Qer Apet was at the City of Bronze when the Jinn Lord Kaleel and his legion attacked it. It was one of the first citadels to fall after the Awakening. Few survivors of the crash returned to Medinat al-Salaam to speak of the horrors that Kaleel had unleashed from the Black Earth and beyond, and those that did shared little hope for the rest. Pashal sought Qer Apet, because he did not believe the Senpet would have died. [3]

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Qer Apet


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