Qashima was a Nagah abomination and an outcast Warlord.

Celestial Alliance Edit

The Naar Teban outcast aided the Celestial Alliance in their fight against the Jinn Lord Kaleel and his legion after the awakening. When the Citadel of the alliance was attacked by the dark jinn led by Ajbar to seize the Sayel Blade, Qashima used his powers to tos the blade toward Pashal, and confronted Ajbar releasing a long gout of liquid fire to hold him off. The squire ebonite used the Crossroads cast by a wounded Saqr al Fediq to launch a counterattack against Kaleel inside the Jinn's Citadel. [1]

End of the Alliance Edit

The Alliance defeated the Dark Jinn, who were consumed by the Khayel, the Lying Darkness, but in turn threatened by a being which could undone the world. It was funneled into the heavens and the members of the Alliance followed, and began to fade, disappearing from the mortal realm. They would continue the fight between the stars, a place which could not be harmed by the Nothing. [1]

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