Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Titles: Chameleon Leader

The Qarash was a Chameleon [1] naga warrior trained in woodland skills. [2]

Duty Edit

The Qarash was a lower title within the structure of the Isha's command, a lieutenant of scouts and protector of the armies. [3]

Great Sleep Edit

Eight stars fell to the North and one star fell deep into the south. The Qatol ordered the Qarash to hide and protect the treasures of the naga. The Naga leader entered in the Gate of the Dead and he was never seen again. [4]

Awakening Edit

Qarash 2

The Qarash

He was one of the Naga Scouts to first awaken and served on the eastern edge of the Shinomen Forest, near the Nirukti ruins. He was mistook with an oni by the Rokugani who saw him, leaving behind their equipment. Qarash found a bow, trained with it and duplicated the human arrows. [5]

Fascination Edit

During his patrols the Qarash journeyed north and saw the walls of Shiro no Shosuro. Everything about the human creatures fascinated him, and even began to learn the ways of Bushido. The Qarash began a quest to find the Oracle of Earth, in hopes this entity could hide his identity and walk among the samurai as one of their kin. [6]

Siege of Sleeping Mountain Edit

The Qarash fought against the Dragon during the naga campaign against the maddened Hitomi, under the command of the Shahadet. The Naga]army was intercepted by Unicorn forces led by Shinjo Hanari, who ordered a flight of arrows loosed in their direction, and then ordered his men to charge, putting the Naga on the defensive. Through the long day the two sides continued to fight, until the Battle Maidens led by Otaku Tetsuko crushed and scattered the Naga Bowmen. The Shahadet would not be able to participate in the assault on Kyuden Hitomi. [7]

Chameleon Leader Edit

The Qarash became the leader of the Chameleon. [8]

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