Ancient Pillars of Qaharaba

Ancient Pillars of Qaharaba

Qaharaba was a ruined city from before the Day of Wrath, located North of the Medinaat al-Salaam. Visitors should cross the Burning Sands or the Last Stop to reach it. [1]

Pillars Edit

It was a great city-state of magic and industry where the jinn traded with the Ashalan, Naga, Nezumi, Ningyo, Kenku, and the other races of the world. Its magical pillars forbade any violence between races. Their magical wards did not allow it, so ancestral enemies could trade or exchange knowledge there without risk of their lives. [2]

After the Day of Wrath Edit

Only pillars remain, and the marks they bear are supposed to be magical. [3] They depicted humans kneeling to the Sun Shilah and the Moon Kaleel, and beside them the jinn, the children of the smokeless fire. It was an age were human, jinn, and the two goods lived in harmony. These days ended with the Day of Wrath. [4]

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