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The Qadi, which meant servants, or judges, were created to help the Caliph enforce and judge the law at Medinaat al-Salaam. They were originally known as the Rightly-Guided Servants of the Mighty Caliph. [1]

Duties Edit

The Qadi investigated and judged in all the disputes that happened in the city. The majority of them were sorted out by the Captains of the City Guard, a organization under their command. [2] The quadi served as the first appellate court for those occasions when the City Guard's trials resulted in a questionable verdict. [3]

Khadi Edit

Shortly after Hanan Talibah became Caliph, the existing qadi experienced a startling turnover rate due to a mixture of fatal accidents and a rash of inexplicable retirements. The Caliph replaced them with her most trusted sahir, who eventually revealed as Khadi. The Qadi were commanded during by the heartless, who were the enforcers of the Immortal Caliph. It ended when Hanan I died, and she was succeeded by Adira. [4]

Mountain Dynasty Edit

Under the Mountain Dynasty the Qadi were reorganized, becoming experts in the city law, and fierce seekers of justice. The new members were volunteers, which gave reputation to this station. [5]


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