A Qabal Summoner

Qabal Summoner was potentially the most powerful of sahir in the Burning Sands, the result of centuries of refinements in magical technique followed by centuries of persecution heaped on the sloppy or incompetent. [1]

Tradition Edit

The discipline of Summoning Magic was the most impressive and easily identified magic that the Qabal practice.The tradition of the Qabal sahir stretched almost all the way back to the Ashalan and the Day of Wrath, and the impressive body of knowledge the Qabal had collected shows it. Dozens of other magical methodologies were based on Qabal techniques, including the Dahabi Bargainers and the later initiates of the Khadi. [1]

Training Edit

The Qabal Summoner was quite literally free in whatever route he wished to undertake in his study of magic. Some chose to be specialists in one discipline; others prefered a more balanced approach. The only standard amongst all was that a properly trained summoner was immensely powerful. Such was their reputation that they could even make a living as magical mercenaries if they so desire. [1]

The students were not allowed to summon jinn until the fourth year at the school. [2]

Qabal hierarchy Edit

The summonners were the second level of the Qabal, only second to the Qabal Magi. [3]

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