The Qabal Agents were the non magical agents of the Qabal. They encouraged to maintain the secrecy of the brotherhood, as once they were obliged during the days of the Immortal Caliph.

Slaves Edit

The agents of the lowest level were called "slaves". These young agents learned from seasoned agents how to conceal themselves between the usual people of Medinaat al-Salaam. [1]

Workers Edit

The intermediate level were formed by the "workers", who were tased with missions on the field. They focused in observation and tactics, so they could pass reports of their discoveries. In a second stage they learned how to hid and fake the tracks of criminal activities, as well as to lie. [1]

Trusted Associates Edit

A successful path of missions led the agent to the top level, the "trusted associate". They had higher salary, slaves to teach, and the dangerous missions, including killing in the name of the Qabal. [1]

Known Techniques Edit

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