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The Sapphire Legion was a unit of distinction among the Phoenix Clan in charge of the defense of the sacred City of Treaties, Nikesake. The unit changed its name to Provincial Guard, to make it clearly distinct to the newer elite unit called the Legion of the Sapphire Chrysanthemum within the hierarchy of the Imperial families. [1]

Creation Edit

The legion was founded and named for the accord reached between the Phoenix and Crane clans. The legion's name was taken from the sapphire, the blue gem, a tribute to the colors of their allies among the Crane. [1] In the year 308, in one of the many conflicts their allies had with the Lion Clan, Shiba Norinaga commanded the Sapphire Legion and stood to arms to prevent the Lion from passing through their lands to attack the Crane. The stubborn Lion Clan Champion attempted to circunvent the Phoenix forces, to avoid conflict with a second Great Clan, forcing the Sapphire Legion into defensive positions. The Phoenix army never leave the place, denying the Lion to pass through. Their camp became a village, the village a town, and finally it would eventually become Nikesake. [2]

Tradition Edit

It was tradition to allow ronin to join the ranks of the unit. [3]

Provincial Guard Edit

Based in the Castle of Nikesake, [4] in 1166 [5] the unit changed its name to Provincial Guard avoided confusion, and their members were well known for their courtly tendencies. These sentries and yojimbo were also trained in matters of etiquette. [1]

Known Technique Edit

Known Commanders Edit


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