Protector of the Imperial City was a position created following the Battle of White Stag. [1]

Duties Edit

The position was a appointed to a single man who would be a special adjunct to the Emerald Champion, but it was not simply a rank in the Imperial Legions. The duty of the Protector was to command the Imperial guards and legionnaires responsible for the safety of the Imperial City. The protector was supposedly answerable to the Emperor only.[1]

Disuse Edit

Over the years the The position had fallen into disuse, although an attempt at reviving it was made by the courtier Ikoma Sume for his nephew Ikoma Otemi. [1] It was short lived following the Fall of Otosan Uchi.

Revival Edit

When the Emperor Toturi III went on his search for enlightenment, however, the Shogun moved his forces into the Imperial City to protect the throne until Naseru's return. The Empress Toturi Kurako did not trust the Shogun Kaneka, and after Naseru's death at the Battle of the Tomb, declared that the position would be resurrected. While the necessity of the position is questioned by some there were none who were willing to pass up the opportunity to gain the Empress' favor, and therefore have laid their support behind one of the four candidates the Empress has nominated. [2]

During the Empress' Winter Court at Kyuden Otomo, Bayushi Norachai was named to the position in recognition of his service under Emerald Champion Yasuki Hachi. The other nominees were Akodo Kobi, Hida Sakamoto and Shinjo Shuilong. [3]

Protectors of the Imperial City Edit

Unknown First Protector c.442 - ?
Ikoma Otemi 1159 - Fall of Otosan Uchi
Bayushi Norachai 1168 - c.1172


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