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Promotionals of Jade Arc were released with a border of golden lines on black. It features mon-backed Strongholds.

Preceded by:
Promotionals of Clan Wars
Succeeded by:
Promotionals of Four Winds

Cards Edit

Number Name Type Rarity Image
- Bayushi Goshiu Personality Promo
Bayushi Goshiu-card2
- Dairya Personality Promotionals
- Dashmar Personality Promotionals
- Duty of the Magistrate Action Promotionals
Duty of the Magistrate-card
- Eternal Halls of the Shiba Stronghold Promotionals
Eternal Halls of the Shiba-card3
Eternal Halls of the Shiba-card3b
- Forward Patrol Action Promotionals
Forward Patrol-card
- Heart of the Shinomen Forest Stronghold Promotionals
Heart of the Shinomen Forest-card2
Heart of the Shinomen Forest-card2b
- Hida O-Ushi Personality Promotionals
Hida O-Ushi-card2
- Ide Tadaji Personality Promotionals
Ide Tadaji-card4
- Imperial Ambassador Holding Promotionals
Imperial Ambassador-card
- Iron Mountain Stronghold Promotionals
Iron Mountain-card3
Iron Mountain-card3b
- Isawa Kaede Personality Promotionals
Isawa Kaede-card5
- Kakita Yoshi Personality Promotionals
Kakita Yoshi-card4
- Kitsu Motso Personality Promotionals
Kitsu Motso-card4
- Kyuden Hitomi Stronghold Promotionals
Kyuden Hitomi-card2
Kyuden Hitomi-card2b
- Kyuden Kitsune Stronghold Promotionals
Kyuden Kitsune-card3
Kyuden Kitsune-card3b
- Kyuden Yoritomo Stronghold Promotionals
Kyuden Yoritomo-card2
Kyuden Yoritomo-card2b
- Moto Tsume Experienced Personality Promotionals
Moto Tsume Exp-card2
- Ninja Shapeshifter Inexperienced Personality Promotionals
Ninja Shapeshifter Inexp-card2
- Sepulcher of Bone Stronghold Promotionals
Sepulcher of Bone-card2
Sepulcher of Bone-card2b
- Takao Personality Promotionals
- Tattoo Madness Action Promotionals
Tattoo Madness-card
- Tell the Tale Action Promotionals
Tell the Tale-card2
- Temples of the Crow Stronghold Promotionals
Temples of the Crow-card3
Temples of the Crow-card3b
- The Ancient Halls of the Lion Stronghold Promotionals
The Ancient Halls of the Lion-card3
The Ancient Halls of the Lion-card3b
The Ancient Halls of the Lion-card3c
- The Brotherhood of Shinsei Stronghold Promotionals
The Brotherhood of Shinsei-card6
The Brotherhood of Shinsei-card6b
The Brotherhood of Shinsei-card6c
- The Citadel of the Hiruma Stronghold Promotionals
The Citadel of the Hiruma-card3
The Citadel of the Hiruma-card3b
- The Dark Path of Shadow Stronghold Promotionals
The Dark Path of Shadow-card3
The Dark Path of Shadow-card3b
- The Esteemed House of the Crane Stronghold Promotionals
The Esteemed House of the Crane-card6
The Esteemed House of the Crane-card6b
The Esteemed House of the Crane-card6c
- The Great Walls of Kaiu Stronghold Promotionals
The Great Walls of Kaiu-card4
The Great Walls of Kaiu-card4b
The Great Walls of Kaiu-card4c
- The Hidden Temples of the Naga Stronghold Promotionals
The Hidden Temples of the Naga-card4
The Hidden Temples of the Naga-card4b
The Hidden Temples of the Naga-card4c
- The House of Tao Stronghold Promotionals
The House of Tao-card3
The House of Tao-card3b
- The Imperial Favor Other Promotionals
The Imperial Favor-card
The Imperial Favor-cardb
- The Iron Fortress of the Daidoji Stronghold Promotionals
The Iron Fortress of the Daidoji-card2
The Iron Fortress of the Daidoji-card2b
- The Kitsu Tombs Stronghold Promotionals
The Kitsu Tombs-card3
The Kitsu Tombs-card3b
- The Legion of Two Thousand Follower Promotionals
The Legion of Two Thousand-card2
- The Mountain Keep of the Dragon Stronghold Promotionals
The Mountain Keep of the Dragon-card8
The Mountain Keep of the Dragon-card8b
The Mountain Keep of the Dragon-card8c
- The New Akasha Stronghold Promotionals
The New Akasha-card3
The New Akasha-card3b
- The Otaku Palaces Stronghold Promotionals
The Otaku Palaces-card2
The Otaku Palaces-card2b
- The Palace of Otosan Uchi Stronghold Promotionals
The Palace of Otosan Uchi-card2
The Palace of Otosan Uchi-card2b
- The Provincial Estate of the Unicorn Stronghold Promotionals
The Provincial Estate of the Unicorn-card7
The Provincial Estate of the Unicorn-card7b
The Provincial Estate of the Unicorn-card7c
- The Ruins of Isawa Castle Stronghold Promotionals
The Ruins of Isawa Castle-card4
The Ruins of Isawa Castle-card4b
The Ruins of Isawa Castle-card4c
- The Shadow Stronghold of the Bayushi Stronghold Promotionals
The Shadow Stronghold of the Bayushi-card4
The Shadow Stronghold of the Bayushi-card4b
The Shadow Stronghold of the Bayushi-card4c
- The Shadowlands Horde Stronghold Promotionals
The Shadowlands Horde-card2
The Shadowlands Horde-card2b
- The Spawning Ground Stronghold Promotionals
The Spawning Ground-card3
The Spawning Ground-card3b
- The Towers of the Yogo Stronghold Promotionals
The Towers of the Yogo-card3
The Towers of the Yogo-card3b
- The Yoritomo Alliance Stronghold Promotionals
The Yoritomo Alliance-card6
The Yoritomo Alliance-card6b
The Yoritomo Alliance-card6c
- Togashi Yoshi Personality Promotionals
Togashi Yoshi-card6
- Toturi's Army Stronghold Promotionals
Toturi's Army-card6
Toturi's Army-card6b
Toturi's Army-card6c
- Yoritomo Personality Promotionals

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