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Events Edit

Creation of the World Edit

  • The Nothing creates the world in three stages, driven by fear of loneliness, desire for companionship, and remorse.
  • The world is divided in chaos and Heaven.
  • The Three Gods Whose Names Cannot Be Spoken come with the creation of the Heavens.
  • The Three Gods create the first man and woman, who would be later known as the Moon and Sun, losing their names and identities in the process.
  • The first man and woman descend to the earth and name it. They also gain their own names, Onnotangu and Amaterasu, the Moon and Sun.
  • The life in the world begins. The Fortunes are born in the dreams of the creatures who slept in Ningen-do.

Age of the Naga Edit

Children of the Moon and Sun Edit

  • The Kami are born.
  • Onnotangu eat his children, but Hantei, replaced by a stone. Amaterasu's tears fell to Earth.
  • Amaterasu trains Hantei in the arts of combat.
  • Hantei confronts his father Onnotangu, and cuts opening his belly.
  • Where Lord Moon's blood mingled with Lady Sun's tears, a man and a woman is formed. The Mankind is created.

After the Fall of the Kami Edit

Battles Edit

Deaths Edit

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