Pre-Imperial Edition was the testing Edition of Legend of the Five Rings Card Collectible Game and developed the struggle during the Clan War of the Great Clans.

Preceded by:
Succeeded by:
Imperial Edition

Cards Edit

Number Name Type Rarity Image
- Be Prepared to Dig Two Graves Action Fixed
Be Prepared to Dig Two Graves-card
- Block Supply Lines Action Fixed
Block Supply Lines-card
- Breach of Etiquette Action Fixed
Breach of Etiquette-card
- Brilliant Victory Action Fixed
Brilliant Victory-card
- Careful Planning Action Fixed
Careful Planning-card
- Charge Action Fixed
- Contentious Terrain Action Fixed
Contentious Terrain-card
- Counterattack Action Fixed
- Deadly Ground Action Fixed
Deadly Ground-card
- Encircled Terrain Action Fixed
Encircled Terrain-card
- Entrapping Terrain Action Fixed
Entrapping Terrain-card
- Frenzy Action Fixed
- Iaijutsu Challenge Action Fixed
Iaijutsu Challenge-card
- Iaijutsu Duel Action Fixed
Iaijutsu Duel-card
- Kolat Assassin Action Fixed
Kolat Assassin-card
- Marries a Barbarian Action Fixed
Marries a Barbarian-card
- Oath of Fealty Action Fixed
Oath of Fealty-card
- Rallying Cry Action Fixed
Rallying Cry-card
- Remorseful Seppuku Action Fixed
Remorseful Seppuku-card
- Superior Tactics Action Fixed
Superior Tactics-card
- Way of Deception Action Fixed
Way of Deception-card
- Evil Feeds Upon Itself Event Fixed
Evil Feeds Upon Itself-card
- Occult Murders Event Fixed
Occult Murders-card
- Peasant Revolt Event Fixed
Peasant Revolt-card
- Unexpected Allies Event Fixed
Unexpected Allies-card
- Archers Follower Fixed
- Goblin Mob Follower Fixed
Goblin Mob-card
- Marsh Troll Follower Fixed
Marsh Troll-card
- Medium Cavalry Follower Fixed
Medium Cavalry-card
- Medium Infantry Follower Fixed
Medium Infantry-card
- Naga Bowmen Follower Fixed
Naga Bowmen-card
- Naga Spearmen Follower Fixed
Naga Spearmen-card
- Ratling Bushi Follower Fixed
Ratling Bushi-card
- Samurai Warriors Follower Fixed
Samurai Warriors-card
- Wyrm Riders Follower Fixed
Wyrm Riders-card
- Copper Mine Holding Fixed
Copper Mine-card
- Go Master Holding Fixed
Go Master-card
- Iron Mine Holding Fixed
Iron Mine-card
- Jade Works Holding Fixed
Jade Works-card
- Market Place Holding Fixed
Market Place-card
- Port Holding Fixed
- Sanctified Temple Holding Fixed
Sanctified Temple-card
- Small Farm Holding Fixed
Small Farm-card
- Crystal Katana Item Fixed
Crystal Katana-card
- Fan of Command Item Fixed
Fan of Command-card
- Jade Bow Item Fixed
Jade Bow-card
- Naginata Item Fixed
- Shuriken of Serpents Item Fixed
Shuriken of Serpents-card
- Hida Amoro Personality Fixed
Hida Amoro-card
- Hida Sukune Personality Fixed
Hida Sukune-card
- Doji Yosai Personality Fixed
Doji Yosai-card
- Kakita Yuri Personality Fixed
Kakita Yuri-card
- Togashi Mitsu Personality Fixed
Togashi Mitsu-card
- Togashi Yoshi Personality Fixed
Togashi Yoshi-card
- Akodo Kage Personality Fixed
Akodo Kage-card
- Matsu Turi Personality Fixed
Matsu Turi-card
- Isawa Kaede Personality Fixed
Isawa Kaede-card
- Isawa Tadaka Personality Fixed
Isawa Tadaka-card
- Iuchi Daiyu Personality Fixed
Iuchi Daiyu-card
- Shinjo Hanari Personality Fixed
Shinjo Hanari-card
- Bayushi Kachiko Personality Fixed
Bayushi Kachiko-card
- Bayushi Togai Personality Fixed
Bayushi Togai-card
- Dairya Personality Fixed
- Goblin Warmonger Personality Fixed
Goblin Warmonger-card
- Matsu Hiroru Personality Fixed
Matsu Hiroru-card
- Motto Seiki Personality Fixed
Motto Seiki-card
- Naga Abomination Personality Fixed
Naga Abomination-card
- Naga Warlord Personality Fixed
Naga Warlord-card
- Ogre Bushi Personality Fixed
Ogre Bushi-card
- Tsuburu no Oni Personality Fixed
Tsuburu no Oni-card
- The Monstrous War Machine of Fu Leng Personality Fixed
The Monstrous War Machine of Fu Leng-card
- Ring of Air Ring Fixed
Ring of Air-card
- Ring of Earth Ring Fixed
Ring of Earth-card
- Ring of Fire Ring Fixed
Ring of Fire-card
- Ring of the Void Ring Fixed
Ring of the Void-card
- Ring of Water Ring Fixed
Ring of Water-card
- Biting Steel Spell Fixed
Biting Steel-card
- Earthquake Spell Fixed
- Inversion of Energies Spell Fixed
Inversion of Energies-card
- Mists of Illusion Spell Fixed
Mists of Illusion-card
- The Fist of Osano-Wo Spell Fixed
The Fist of Osano-Wo-card
- Walking the Way Spell Fixed
Walking the Way-card
- Wind Born Speed Spell Fixed
Wind Born Speed-card
- Wings of Fire Spell Fixed
Wings of Fire-card

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