Once, she was Iuchi Shahai, daughter of the daimyo of the Iuchi family, Iuchi Daiyu. During the reign of Toturi I, she began to hear a voice that promised her great power. She listened to the voice and it lead her to the Forest of Dreamers, where she found a ruined house. Inside the house, she found a battered skeleton and a collection of scrolls. Painting a kanji on the skull's forehead with her own blood, she animated it, and the skull introduced itself as "Grandfather". Grandfather told Shahai how to become a Bloodspeaker. Under the instruction of Grandfather, she slew her father and ascended through the bloodspeaker ranks, offering her services to Daigotsu as an equal. She earned her place in the Shadowlands hierarchy by slaying the Dark Daughter of Fu Leng with a powerful ritual to assume her place. During her time with the forces of the Shadowlands, she fell in love with Daigotsu.

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