Roshungi was a sohei leader and member of the Lost who joined the Spider Clan when it was formed by Daigotsu.

Temple of the Ninth Kami Edit

Of Roshungi's origin, little is known. Some believe he was part of the bloodspeaker cell that helped create his lord, Daigotsu. It is known that Roshungi arrived to serve in the Temple of the Ninth Kami almost as soon as the last stone was laid. He was a devoted worshiper of Fu Leng, and thus often came into conflict with Kokujin. Knowing he was no match for the 'mad monk', Roshungi avoided direct confrontation.

It is known, however, that Roshungi was a member of the Cult of the Dead Moon under Bunrakuken and was his favored student.

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