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Selected articles

September 2009


Michio was a monk of the Spider Clan and a disciple of Roshungi. He did not bear the mark of Jigoku. He was abandoned on a monastery as an infant, where he was raised by the Brotherhood of Shinsei. However, he was always looking for new paths, and against the advice of his brothers, he traveled to the Shadowlands to study with Roshungi. Michio joined the Spider in its creation when Daigotsu was in need or someone free of Taint to fulfill his plan. Following Roshungi's death, Michio became the master of the Order of the Spider.

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August 2009


Once, she was Iuchi Shahai, daughter of the daimyo of the Iuchi family, Iuchi Daiyu. During the reign of Toturi I, she began to hear a voice that promised her great power. She listened to the voice and it lead her to the Forest of Dreamers, where she found a ruined house. Inside the house, she found a battered skeleton and a collection of scrolls. Painting a kanji on the skull's forehead with her own blood, she animated it, and the skull introduced itself as "Grandfather". Grandfather told Shahai how to become a Bloodspeaker. Under the instruction of Grandfather, she slew her father and ascended through the bloodspeaker ranks, offering her services to Daigotsu as an equal. She earned her place in the Shadowlands hierarchy by slaying the Dark Daughter of Fu Leng with a powerful ritual to assume her place. During her time with the forces of the Shadowlands, she fell in love with Daigotsu.

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April 2009


Roshungi was a sohei leader and member of the Lost who joined the Spider Clan when it was formed by Daigotsu.

Temple of the Ninth Kami

Of Roshungi's origin, little is known. Some believe he was part of the bloodspeaker cell that helped create his lord, Daigotsu. It is known that Roshungi arrived to serve in the Temple of the Ninth Kami almost as soon as the last stone was laid. He was a devoted worshiper of Fu Leng, and thus often came into conflict with Kokujin. Knowing he was no match for the 'mad monk', Roshungi avoided direct confrontation.

It is known, however, that Roshungi was a member of the Cult of the Dead Moon under Bunrakuken and was his favored student.

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March 2009

No Selected Article for this month.

February 2009


Katsu was the son of Shiba Katsuda and Soshi Jomyako, the Dark Oracle of Air.

He was raised by his father alone, who never gave up to the Taint, while his mother did. When his father died, Katsu used the Dark Covenant of Earth to summon the Dark Oracle of Earth and used his wish to rebuild the Sunset Tower. Afterwards, Nokatsu took him to serve Daigotsu.

Though Katsu was forced to swear fealty to the Dark Lord, he never lost his desire to not fall to the Taint. Even when he would be very loyal to Daigotsu, Katsu managed to contact a samurai called the Crane Clan to receive refugees of the Shadowlands that, just like him, wouldn't be willing to submit their minds to the Taint.

Eventually, Daigotsu became aware of Katsu's activities so he took him in his travel to the Burning Sands. There, Daigotsu turned him into a khadi, so he could understand better his enemy and control Katsu effectively.

Read more: Katsu, Khadi

January 2009

Daigotsu Yajinden

Daigotsu Yajinden was born Asahina Yajinden. He was the lieutenant of the maho-tsukai Iuchiban and the creator of the Bloodswords. He joined Iuchiban because his thirst for knowledge and power was greater than his will. It was whispered for centuries that Yajinden never truly died, but in any case the exact date of his death was forgotten and never celebrated.


The Bloodswords are four katana forged by Yajinden in 508 using the Anvil of Despair. Each weapon was of exceptional quality, and granted its wielder unnusual abilities as a powerful nemuranai. Each sword was also cursed, however, and its owner would eventually be obsessed by the trait for which each katana was named. The bloodswords were each gifted to a daimyo of a Great Clan with the intent that the weapon would destroy them, causing confusion in the Empire and aiding Iuchiban's attempt to dominate Rokugan.

Spider Clan

Yajinden joined the Spider Clan following it's creation by Daigotsu.

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December 2008


The Snake Clan was a minor clan that was corrupted by a Shuten Doji. Their clan colors were silver, black and grey-purple.


The Snake Clan was once a proud and prosperous family, the descendants of the Imperial Magistrate Isawa Chuda who had saved the Emperor's life from the deadly threat of a maho cult. The Emperor proclaimed Chuda the first daimyo. After the death of their daimyo, his son, with the help of the spirit -- a Shuten Doji -- conceived of a plot to gain immortality and power through the use of dark forces.

The Elemental Masters were outraged at the young daimyo's actions, and terrified at the implications. They mobilized the armies of the Phoenix and marched upon Snake lands, killing every living thing within the Dragon Heart Plain.

Read more: Snake Clan

November 2008


Daigotsu is the second son of Hantei XXXVIII, by Hantei Hochiahime, and half brother of Hantei XXXIX. He is the Dark Lord of the Shadowlands and founder of the Spider Clan.


Almost a year in advance of his death, Daigotsu had learned from the Dark Oracle of Void the circumstances of his death. Knowing the Lost would not stay united without him, Daigotsu gave a portion of his soul to the Shadow Dragon for safe keeping.

Spider Clan

Sometime in 1168, Daigotsu and the Lost left the City of the Lost and infiltrated Rokugan. They named themselves the Spider Clan.

Read more: Daigotsu

October 2008

Fu Leng

Fu Leng is the Ninth Kami and the lost brother of the Kami, but his true name has been lost to time. It was Fu Leng who caused the fall of the Kami, and Fu Leng who fell past Ningen-do and into Jigoku. From the Realm of Evil he tried to conquer and destroy the empire that his siblings built. Amongst the Kami he was second-best at nearly everything, excluding patience and bravery.

Like his brother Togashi, he is able to take the form of a dragon.

Read more: Fu Leng

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