This page contains the lists of Quotes of the Day that have been and will be featured on Portal:Spider.

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There is no voting or nomination process for the QotD. If you have a quote you think would be a good choice, simply add it to the list in the next available day. This is a fairly easy two-step process.

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Quotes for 2009 Edit

Week 42, 2009 Edit

"We serve Daigotsu, as will all in time. Accept me as your master, and embrace the inevitable."

Week 41, 2009 Edit

"The time has come, Dark Lord. The end is here. Nothing can stop it now."

Week 40, 2009 Edit

"Do you recognize him, young samurai? Is he your father, brother, cousin? Is he your past or your future?"

Week 39, 2009 Edit

"With all of my strength and devotion, I serve the Lost Kami, and his blessings are many. What samurai can claim as much?"

Week 38, 2009 Edit

"Ridiculous samurai, with their honor. They make for entertaining games, but little else."

Week 37, 2009 Edit

"I serve until death ... and beyond."

Week 36, 2009 Edit

"They think that bushido is the way. They think honor is power. They think theirs is the only path. We will show them the truth."

Week 35, 2009 Edit

"Resist and die. Surrender and die. Just die"

Week 34, 2009 Edit

"The Empress thinks that she can keep us tamed now that she knows our nature. All she has done is unleash us."

Week 33, 2009 Edit

"Shourido is power. Is not my return to service proof of that?"

Week 18, 2009 Edit

“The Empire is full of sinners. We will find those willing to work for coin, and hire them to do what we wish. And then, they will find that they have much to learn about how money makes corpses of fools.”

Week 17, 2009 Edit

“The Empire is full of selfishness and arrogance. They will never accept our path willingly. If we are to show them the way, they must suffer in ignorance first.”

Week 16, 2009 Edit

“You don’t even know when you have lost. That is why Rokugan will be ours one day. Where you refuse to accept the inevitable, we adapt. A setback means only an opportunity to alter our initial plans.”

Week 15, 2009 Edit

"What could Kokujin have accomplished if he had not been insane? I will not make the same mistakes."

Week 2, 2009 Edit

We failed to gain the throne, perhaps, but we gained much all the same.

Chuda Mishime

Quotes for 2008 Edit

Week 49, 2008 Edit

"They think themselves safe from us. We will show them that no one is beyond the Spider's reach.""

Week 47, 2008 Edit

"Fu Leng is a child of the Sun and Moon. The true Sun and Moon. We alone among the Spider venerate him as all mortals should. Their faiths are incomplete, while ours is unwavering. Our right to compete cannot be questioned.”

Week 46, 2008 Edit

"We hide among the clans, and use their sins against them. Can they defeat themselves?"

Week 45, 2008 Edit

"I do not ppssess the Taint, for I have not yet been blessed with Fu Leng's grace. I do not require it to enact his will, however."

Week 44, 2008 Edit

“You call yourself samurai? It is your Emperor Toturi who had no respect for the Order. He murdered our god!”

Week 43, 2008 Edit

Iuchiban may be very wise, but Yajinden is clever… so clever that perhaps he can even fool himself. This one eagerly looks forward to the day when you are free… The Empire may fear Iuchiban, but this one thinks that the entire world will fear Yajinden unleashed.”

Week 42, 2008 Edit

The grace of Fu Leng makes all things possible. There is nothing I cannot accomplish, if I but accept his blessings.”

Week 41, 2008 Edit

Fu Leng wields the powers of both heaven and hell. Only those who have also mastered both purity and corruption can defeat him...

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