This page lists articles that have been featured on Portal:Scorpion, and nominations for future articles. All articles should meet the requirements for featured articles.

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Creating a new article

To create a new article, add the next month's entry to the list below, then add the following code to the new template:

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After that, go to the article that will be featured and add the following code to the bottom of the page:


At any given time, there should be at least one future selected article entry already created.

Nominated articles

Selected articles

January 2008


Lies is the tittle of Bayushi Tangen's most famous treatise, written shortly after the publication of Akodo Haru's book, Leadership. Not only does Tangen's introduction openly attack Akodo's book, but it also provides an example of Scorpion "sincerity". In this treatise's introduction, Tangen says that the Emperor commanded Tangen a treatise on treachery, duplicity and espionage, and after a year of work, he saw another treatise which contained more treachery, duplicity and simple lies than he could ever compile, then decided to warn the Emperor against those who would mislead him with pretty lies and treachery. He is speaking, without saying the name of the book, about Haru's Leadership. (More...)

May 2007

Yogo Asami

Yogo Asami was a woman that in her youth she looked almost identical as Bayushi Kachiko, and became the double of Kachicko. When Kachiko began her secret (and long) relationship with Doji Hoturi, Asami would often take her place, sometimes even for days.In these cases, Asami was taking short walks through the gardens of the Shosuro stronghold to make people think Kachiko was home. She was also a good student of Bayushi Aramoro and Shosuro Hametsu. (More...)

September 2007


Bayushi was the founder of the Scorpion Clan. Deeply misunderstood, Bayushi is often portrayed as a liar and deceiver. Where his brothers and sisters saw potential and possibility, Bayushi saw the darker nature of the world, and knew he had to protect his family from what they could not see, or refused to see. He founded the Scorpion Clan, masters of stealth and secrecy to meet this end, drawing to him followers from the shadows, those who could do what had to be done. Bayushi would sacrifice his honor, and the honor of his family to protect the Empire. More...)

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