• Apr 10 [Race for the Throne] Fourth leg results: Scorpion finished the leg with good results, considering the acceptance of the Tentation. Our Clan finished first in Spirit, second in Military, Politics (considering that in this last sphere our points were halved due to the Tentation's acceptance, is a good result) and knowledge, and saved the Economics sphere by finishing in fourth place. In the overall results, the Scorpion is leading Politics with a huge advantage to the second classified, the Crab.[1]


  • May 16 The Khan's troops have been stopped! Norachai's army, with the help of the Akodo troops and the last minute arrival of the Phoenix, have won against the Unicorn armies.[5]
  • May 11 The Unicorn Clan is near Toshi Ranbo and prepares to enter the city. Bayushi Norachai, the Protector of the Imperial City, have underestimated the magic of the Unicorn and the preparation of their defense is the lesser for it. The arrival of the Akodo, few days ago, is a blessing, but many of the clans have not taken Norachai’s warnings seriously when he tried to fortify the city’s troops. [7]

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